Benefits of registering and logging in.

Go here to find questions and answers and general information on just about anything, including blood donations, medications, and anything else I can think of.

You can also go here to find out about charity events, fund raisers and general events dedicated to Blake and his recovery.
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Benefits of registering and logging in.

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If you are registered and logged in, you can send private messages to us. Just click on "StepDad" whenever you see it green, then click on the "PM" icon.

Also, you can see when new messages are posted.

You can go into your profile and change your information at any time while logged in.

You can also edit your posts if logged in.

Now you can add an avatar to your profile. What is an avatar? It's a picture of you, your family, a cartoon, basically anything you want to show by your name in your post... it can only be 80px X 80px. How do I do it? Log in, Click on Profile and go down to the Avatar Section.

:arrow: If you are registered, we can send a personal message to you, or we can sent a message to all that are registered.
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